1. How to buy software? How to get the registration code after purchase? How long does it take to recei

Move the mouse to “Online Purchase” on the page, you can view the software you want to buy, click “Software Name” to enter the corresponding software purchase method page, the page provides a variety of purchase methods, you can choose the most convenient purchase for you. the way.
1 When filling out the order, please check your email carefully. The registration code is sent to your email address. Please fill in your usual email address in the order to facilitate contact and service for you.
2 Online online payment, the page shows that the payment is successful, the registration code is sent to your email within ten minutes. If it has not been received for more than ten minutes, you can check the trash can inside the mailbox to avoid misunderstanding the garbage. If not, You can contact our customer service directly to provide your purchase method, order number and email address in the order, we will help you find it.

2. After I reinstall or format my computer system, can I still use the software I purchased?

Can use!

Reinstall the system, reinstall the software, format the hard disk, and have no effect on the registration information. Please save your email address and registration code.

3. When using the registration code to register, the illegal registration code or registration code error is displayed?

Please copy and paste from the registration information received, it is easy to admit mistakes, do not copy more or less characters, more or less errors will occur. Also check the software name and each software registration information is different.

4. If the purchased registration code is lost or forgotten, how can I retrieve it?

You can contact our customer service directly, provide your order number, the email address filled in the order, we will help you find and send it back to you.

5. Can the computer be upgraded or replaced with a new computer, can the registration code be used?

Please save the user name and registration code, there is no time limit, you can always use, the software is free to upgrade, reinstall the system, format the hard disk has no effect.